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Based in Rutland, just outside Stamford, we restore and sell antique and vintage furniture and pride ourselves on the high quality of our work. All of our pieces are unique and characterful in their own right - no two pieces are ever the same! You're an individual, so your furniture should be, too.


Inspired by rustic French interiors, classic Scandinavian style and east coast American furniture, as well as the home styles we remember from family photos from the 50s, 60s and 70s, we're constantly seeking new inspiration as well as tracking the latest trends.


We sell our furniture and vintage homeware in our online shop and

as an official partner of, where

you can also buy cards and prints

by our sister line Paper Plane.

We're also happy to paint your furniture for you.


We strongly believe that good furniture does not have to be expensive, so we try to keep our prices low to offer great value, especially when compared to major high street chains. We also use the best quality low VOC, eco-friendly paints, which are much kinder to

the environment.


Hello, we’re Reloved Vintage, also known as Laura and Jack (Jack’s the one with the beard). We live together, work together and laugh at videos of sleepy puppies together. Laura is the creative force behind Reloved Vintage – her graphic design background and terrifying levels of perfectionism combine to create our furniture. Jack says he’s our Logistics and Marketing Director, but in reality he lifts, drives, makes tea and messes around on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you, so get in touch by emailing

We source unique, high-quality vintage goods from trusted suppliers and give them the attention they need to become a part of your home. We believe strongly that antique furniture is of superior quality to modern flat-pack equivalents, and enjoy restoring and upcycling pieces that will go on to last for years to come, which is much more environmentally-friendly. We believe it's a crime to destroy a good piece of furniture, which is why we give them the helping hand they need to find a new home and continue to be appreciated by future generations.

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